Davis Video Services

On Location Video, and Video Digital Conversions 


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We offer a range of video services

We also run Computer Doctor for digital work, and computer repair.  for more info see.

On Location Video Services


Event Video, Sporting Games, Wedding Video, Legal Deposition Video, and Memorial Videos.  Cost is $95 per hour, we provide the digital content within 24 hours of the shoot.  Client provides either flash drive for external drive to put the completed digital file on.  Format is quick time, can be played on Apple or Windows computers. 

Video Duplication


VHS to DVD and or to Digital.  16 mm and 8 mm to Digital and DVD.  Super 8 and DV to Digital and DVD.   We work with NTSC and PAL Format.   Cost is $10 per tape, per transfer to digital or DVD.  If client wants both DVD and Digital cost is $2 extra.   Over 25 tapes cost is $5 per tape, $2 extra for DVD and digital.